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  • Which club has won the most trophies in Europe? Chelsea
    Which football player has wun the most World Cups? Pelé
    Who did win the football World Cup in 2014? Germany team
    When was born Lionel Messi? On 24 June 1987
    Where was born Cristiano Ronaldo? Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
    When did Michael Schumacher start racing? In 1992
    What is the name of a famous swiss tennis player? Roger Federer
    How many players are there in a hockey team? 16
    In inches, how big is the diameter of a soccer ball? 8.5 inches
    Vitali Klitschko is a champion boxer from which country? Ukraine
    Who is the most decorated manager in the history of Manchester United? Alex Ferguson
    Which football club was formed in Newton Heath in 1878? Manchester United Football Club
    What name of a famous actor who is also a professional boxer? Mickey Rourke
    Where were the 2010 Winter Olympic Games? In Vancouver
    Where was Anna Kournikova born? 7 June 1981
    What is the name of the famous tennis player who was born in Mallorca, Spain, on June 3? Rafael Nadal
    What is the names of the famous swimmer who won 18 Olympic gold medals in swimming? Michael Phelps
    When were founded the modern Olympic Games? In 1894
    Where will be Olympic Games in 2020 year? In Tokyo