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  • When was born George Washington? February 22, 1732
    Who was first president of the United States? Georges Washington
    Who was first president of South Africa? Charles Robberts Swart
    When did Arnold Schwarzenegger become governor? In the year 2003
    Who was us president in 1961? John F. Kennedy
    What is the capital of the United Kingdom? London
    What is the current Queen of England's last name? Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary II uses the name Windsor
    What is the official language of the United Kingdom? English
    When was Tony Blair born? On January 6, 1953
    When was Barack Obama born? On August 4, 1961
    Who was the leader of Cuba before Castro ? Fulgencio Batista
    How many miles long was the Berlin Wall? 96 miles
    Who was the President during the attack on Pearl Harbor? Franklin Roosevelt
    What is the safest city in the world? Melbourne (Australia)
    What country gave us the tradition of decorating the christmas tree? Germany
    When did Margaret Thatcher die? On 8 April 2013 year
    Which political party did George Washington represent? The Federalist Party