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  • Which British Prime Minister did write “The History of the English Speaking People”? Winston Churchill
    Where were Britain's first overseas colonies? North America
    Who was Britain's Commander in Chief for Europe at the end of World War II? Eisenhower
    When did Queen Elizabeth II become the queen of Britain? In 1952
    What is the official name of Britain? The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    Who is the Prime minister of Great Britain nowadays? Theresa May
    When was born George Washington? In February 1732
    Who was first president of USA? Georges Washington
    What is considered as the oldest civilization of the world ? Mesopotamian Civilization
    Who was the first man to sail around the world ? Magellan
    When was America discovered? In 1492
    Who discovered the North Pole ? Robert Peary
    In which year did the American Revolution start ? In 1775
    In which year was the American Independence acknowledged by England ? In 1783
    When did World War 2 start ? On September third 1939
    Which German was known as the Man of Blood and Iron ? Bismarck
    In which year did Hitler become the Chancellor of Germany ? In 1933
    Where was the first newspaper published? China
    What is the name of autobiography of Adolf Hitler ? Mein Kampf
    Which city was the first capital of the USA? New York
    Which country won the Revolutionary War? America