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  • What is the name of the American journal of finance and economics? Forbes
    Who was the founder of the Harvard University? John Harvard
    What is the most popular economic idex? Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI)
    What is the poorest country in Europe? Moldova
    What is the oldest bank in the UK? The Covernor and Company of the Bank of England
    What is the national currency of Colombia? Pesos
    What does VAT mean ? Value Added Tax
    Which country has got the most rapidly growing economy? China
    In which city was built the first Mc Donalds? In San Bernardino
    Which country is the largest producer of wool? Australia
    From which country does the car brand Lexus originate? Japan
    What is the national currency of China? China uses the Chinese Yuan
    What is the biggest oil company in the Emirates? ENOC (the Emirates National Oil Company)
    What was the currency of Spain before the introduction of the EURO? Peseta
    What was the currency in the Ancient Rome? Denarius
    What was the old currency of France before the introduction of the EURO? French Franc