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  • What was sold as medicine in 1830 year? Ketchup
    What was introduced in the year 1908 by Thomas Sullivan? Tea
    Where do people eat termites and ants? In South Africa
    In what year was Marmte introduced in the UK? In 1902
    What fruit is a member of the peach family? An almond
    In which country is lettuce the second most popular fresh vegetable? In the United States
    How many varieties of apples are there in the world? More than 7000
    What is made from milk? Cheese
    What is the biggest fruit? Watermelon
    How many % of American people eat daily in MC Donalds? Around 7 %
    In what country is it possible to eat 246 varieties of cheese? In France
    Who was the inventor of the sandwich? John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich
    Where was opened the first restaurant? In Paris
    How many varieties of beers are there in the world? More than 20 000
    In which country do people like to put salt in tea? In China
    Where do people drink more than 185 millions cups of tea per year? In the UK
    What was the favorite drink of Richard Nixon Martini