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  • What is the largest mammal? The blue whale
    What is the largest living reptile? The saltwater crocodile
    What is the largest living bird? The common ostrich
    What is the fastest animal on land? The cheetah
    Which animals sleep with open eyes? Fish
    Which animals can fly (besides insects and birds)? Bats
    Which animal has the longest legs? The Giraffe
    Who is the king of all animals? The Lion
    Which animal is the symbol of cunning and dexterity? The Fox
    Which animal does hate a red colored cloth? The Bull
    How many monkeys do live in India? Around 50 millions
    How long can a camel stay alive without water? 2 weeks
    Which animal can live without food 2 years? The Tarantula
    Which animal does never sleep? The Ant
    Which animal has got blue blood? The Lobster
    Which animal is never sick? The Shark
    Which bird can stay alive without air under water around 18 minutes? The Penguin
    What is the most little bird in the World? The Hummingbird
    Which animal has got 248 brawn inside head? The Caterpillar
    Which animal has got 4 stomachs? The Cow