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  • How many bones have humans got? 206
    How many different muscles have humans got? More 600
    What is the hardest tissue produced by the human body? The tooth enamel
    Who is the only representative of the animal world, able to draw straight lines? The human
    What is the strongest muscle in the human body The tongue
    What is the weight of a heart? 260 gramme
    How many bacteria are there in the human mouth? 40 000
    How many taste receptors are there in a mouth of a human? 2 000
    What is the explosive charge of air that moves at speeds up to 60 miles / hour? A cough
    What is five times stronger than steel? A bone
    How many syllables are there in healthy? 2 syllables
    How many eggs a week is considered healthy? 3
    How many classes of vitamins are there? Two main classes
    How much water should a person drink per day? 2 liters
    How much sugar do we eat on average per year? 11 kg
    How much salt do we eat on average per year? 9,5 kg
    How heavy is the human brain? 1970 gram